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Full name

Danielle Morton


Lexington, KY


I’m an artist with a preferred style to illustration, but I also work with oil and acrylic paint as well as Ceramics. I have graduated from Transylvania University with a major in Studio Art.

Artist Statement:

Being a storyteller at heart, my work is primarily narrative. Using exaggerated shapes and bright, vibrant colors, my works depict different scenarios through variations in form. While I may have a particular narrative in mind for the subject, my works are loosely constructed in such a way as to allow the viewer complete freedom to construct their own story based on what they see. With this freedom, many possible narratives can coexist on a variety of levels, providing the work with a larger appeal and voice.

Through different mediums, my art can display different kinds of stories. By working with paintings and drawings, my work serves as a glimpse into another time. And when working with ceramics, these ideas take on a 3-D form. The art becomes a visual narrative through portraying a certain idea. It’s my hope that viewers seeing my art would be entertained by what they see, appreciate the art for what it is and eventually see all of my works as different stories in their own right.


Bachelor of Arts

Transylvania University

Lexington, KY · September 2010 – May 2014

2014 Siren: A Beginning (Senior Exhibition), Morlan Gallery, Lexington, KY
A Senior Art Exhibition for Studio Art Majors. (April 7th – April 18th 2014)
2014 Juried Student Art Exhibition (Group), Morlan Gallery, Lexington, KY
An Art Exhibition showing the art of Transylvania Students. (May 2014)
2014 4 in 1 / Connect (Group), Shearer Art Building, Transylvania University, Lexington, KY
A One Day Exhibit featuring the exhibit display made by students. (May 8th, 2014)